Neutrino energy will help us with the future’s social challenges

Social Challenge Neutrino Energy

Every generation has felt that culture changed the most during its tenure, but it’s possible that during this era, the feeling of vertigo caused by sweeping, systemic change may truly be more intense than ever before. Never before have so many time-honored institutions been questioned at once, and the very meaning of what it is to be human is rapidly coming into question.

At present, we are woefully unequipped as a species to face the challenges that loom up ahead. It isn’t that our wills aren’t up for the task; humanity remains as virile and strong today as it was in prehistoric times. It’s simply that the practical side of things hasn’t yet caught up with our lofty ambitions.

You can’t reach for the stars and cling to the security blanket of fossil fuels at the same time. Recent neutrinovoltaic electricity breakthroughs made by Holger Thorsten Schubart’s Neutrino Energy Group will provide humanity with an energy technology that’s just as adaptable and resilient as the coming generation of pioneers in industry and science.

Automation on the horizon

Hardly anyone is talking about it, but automation has already displaced hundreds of thousands of jobs, and it’s slated to eliminate millions of positions over the next couple of decades. It’s simply common sense to remove people from where they aren’t necessary. A human life is far more important than a tractor, for instance, which is why people don’t generally plow fields by hand in developed countries.

That passionate artist behind the cash register at the supermarket wants to be liberated, and our society wants to provide the means for every person to realize their true potential. The only unfortunate aspect of what’s happening to our society is that we’re seemingly being forced into it. Many people aren’t ready to embrace a world without work, and social services based on a commoditized fossil-fuel economy are always doomed to overload and failure.

Gene editing for the people

As human beings are gradually removed from their positions of perennial servitude, they will soon be provided with yet another way to alter their existing circumstances even more directly. While CRISPR is old news at this point, gene-editing technology isn’t yet in the hands of consumers. It soon will be, however, and our current economic and energetic infrastructures are nowhere near flexible enough to embrace the remarkable sociopolitical change certain to ensue in the wake of such an unprecedented invention.

Running a totally-automated civilization involved in gene editing with fossil fuels would be like trying to operate an iPhone 11 on a dial-up connection. Society and technology are changing, and our energy production mechanisms are naturally evolving apace with these changes.

Blazing cities powered by invisible light

It won’t be long before the idea of lifting a finger to perform a menial task will seem as antiquated as outhouses. The society of the future will hardly be a utopia, but compared to current standards, the technological advances that are to come will seem like magic. We need to get our hands on a similarly magical energy generation technology to keep up, however.

The records of the future will put down 2015 as the year the trajectory of human civilization changed forever. It was then our species discovered that neutrinos could be made to produce electricity, and suddenly, a whole universe came to life at our fingertips. There is no place in the universe that neutrinos aren’t, and the same will soon be said of human will.

Expanding our cosmic horizons

According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who based his psychological ideas on ancient myths and legends, human beings have a shared social memory that’s usually unconscious. With the internet, however, we’ve taken the first steps toward liberating the collective unconscious mind and unleashing it into the physical world.

Jung symbolized this global transformation as the Aquarian Man pouring the repressed and hidden parts of the psyche upon a parched world desperate for change. Who knows what we might find within these mystic contents? Surely, coming into greater contact with our collective roots will draw us inexorably into the cosmos, and we may find the space outside our front door far more lively than we ever anticipated.

Our current energy technologies aren’t up to the task of shepherding humanity into an age of freedom and light. We must unburden ourselves of the sins of the past and march confidently into the future with energy production methods so advanced they seem like science fiction. That’s the only way to truly embrace our cosmic destiny, and by working tirelessly to make neutrinovoltaic technology viable for both industry and consumers, Holger Schubart’s Neutrino Energy Group is helping humanity manifest the cosmic will that has always guided our evolution on planet Earth.

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