A Global Call to Embrace Neutrino Energy

Everywhere we turn, geopolitics is in disarray. The old order is dying, and the current chaos is at least partially attributable to the critical role that energy production and consumption play on the world stage. Solving the looming energy crisis facing our global civilization would promote harmony, goodwill, and order among all the people of the Earth, and the time to get started is now.

The energy crisis affects everyone

The world is split on how it views energy. While Europe is the most forward-thinking sustainable energy powerhouse on the map, countries like China pollute recklessly in full disregard of existing agreements on climate change and ecological preservation. America, for its part, has experienced an economic revival partially due to its booming energy economy. The more fossil fuels America produces, however, the more pollution enters the environment, which is economically unsustainable in the long-term.

Put simply, no one cares enough about the energy crisis facing humanity. Grandiose gestures regarding climate change are often mere virtue signaling, the most progressive climate change proposals are transparent power grabs, and everyone else utterly ignores the problem and accepts the status quo.

The reason? Fixing the world isn’t easy right now. What makes things easier? New technology.

Who holds the keys to the future?

It’s time to determine who will lead the human race into the future. Will it be China, with its reckless disregard for individual sovereignty and utter lack of ecological conscience? Will it be the global fossil fuel industry, which cares only for itself? Or will it be today’s greatest innovators in energy science, who are leading humanity toward a new paradigm of understanding of the natural world and our place within it?

Remember that it was the oil barons who reshaped the energy industry a century ago, and it was the automobile innovators who utterly changed the way that the economy operates. Great inventions always disrupt existing paradigms, and now, a new technology is poised to utterly reshape the landscape of our energy economy and provide humanity with a new direction regarding the climate, the environment, and the destiny of our species here on planet Earth.

Energy security leads to total freedom

An ongoing trade war between the United States and China emphasizes how reliance on outdated forms of energy leads to global conflict. China and America are aligned with different world powers in different ways, and they engage in many proxy economic and live-fire conflicts all over the world. Both the Chinese and American military-industrial complexes are heavily influenced by the major energy corporations, and as we’re well aware, numerous recent wars have been nothing more than flimsy pretexts for petty conflicts over oil.

Warfare leads to deprivation and loss of freedom. The ultimate loss of freedom is death, and human beings should never have to inflict death on one another in the name of energy. We can all cooperatively face the future together if we develop our infrastructure to use neutrinos as a viable source of energy, which would return the keys to the destiny of humanity to the people.

Neutrino energy is needed to face our current challenges

Geopolitics aside, there are a multitude of other reasons that the era of fossil fuels must end soon. Firstly, we do not have a clear assessment of how long our fossil fuel reserves will hold out. Alarmists were convinced that we would run out of oil completely by 2010, so we may have enough fossil fuels to last us another hundred years.

But what then? Fossil fuel use leads to population growth, which then leads to more fossil fuel use. This ever-amplifying cycle will instantly leave humanity without a viable energy source and lead to a near-extinction event for our race.
Even when compared to our total enslavement to fossil fuels, it’s clear which future we’d like to see for our children. We want a future with limitless, clean energy that will allow us to come into harmony with the Earth and explore the stars.

The Neutrino Energy Group is pioneering the neutrino century

Everywhere you look, humanity is coming together instead of falling apart. While our technologies can alienate us when used incorrectly, the latest generation of electronic devices is bringing humanity closer to godhood than ever before. Now, we just need an energy source capable of powering the technological revolutions that the remaining four-fifths of the 21st century will undoubtedly bring.

For years, the scientific community scoffed at German scientist Holger Schubart’s attempts to derive energy from neutrinos. Conventional physics said that neutrinos don’t have mass, which would make deriving energy from these ghostly particles impossible.

In 2015, however, two scientists received the Nobel Prize for proving that neutrinos do, in fact, possess mass. This discovery threw the world of physics into disarray, and it opened the path forward to investment into neutrinovoltaic research.

In 2017, the University of Chicago’s physics department succeeded in deriving electrical energy from captured neutrino mass, and just recently, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology discovered the exact amount of mass neutrinos possess. Neutrinovoltaic science is progressing rapidly, and it won’t be long until Neutrino Power Cubes light up our homes and neutrino-powered smartphones never have to be charged.

Now, the Neutrino Energy Group is embarking on a new chapter in the legacy of neutrino energy. Holger Schubart and his international team are hard at work developing consumer-level devices that will supplement existing renewable energy infrastructures all over the world.

With the help of key investors and the cooperation of German and American companies and institutions, the Neutrino Energy Group will soon produce a device that will completely rewrite the map of modern energy production and its impact on geopolitics. Humanity has always dreamed of freedom, and we have always pursued the next frontier. With the help of contemporary renewable energy technologies, we will finally have the power to take the human story forward.

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