Pi: German Innovative Electrical Mobility

Ingenious Electrical Mobility is Now ‚Made in Germany‘

Over the years, there has been growth and de-escalation in the automobile industry. The highs and lows of this industry include the founding of the automobile company TESLA and the German diesel scandal.

In the past, when one catastrophe would present itself, all that was needed from automobile companies was the production of a newly released vehicle or marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the automobile industry never had to consider its heavy dependence on the internal combustion engine. As a result, the overall industry has been able to succeed in its endeavors. All manufacturers are a significant part of this process and have not been affected by the stock market losses. The losses to the stock market have been moderate and brief, while the work of the engineers and technicians have not been questioned or doubted. Their efforts have been very beneficial as they have extended to us advanced research that has aided in our success for a number of generations. With sales continuing to show an increase, the idea of growth limits never surfaced. The idea that technology would one day undergo a vital shift, was a thought left unattended. As a result of this shift, it has become extremely important for automobile manufacturers to immediately begin to reevaluate past methods for doing things in the automobile industry. With the changes at hand, our approach to the shift in technology must be taken from a new perspective. We can no longer hold onto the past in hopes of protecting the status quo. These steps will no longer work in the changing market.

Presently, those onlooking from society are watching firsthand as the automobile industry shifts into a new era.

Its level of impact on society is affecting the public in a number of untraditional ways. As a result of the diesel scandal, developments have proven to be intense. It is without question that automobiles will always be an important part of our economy. However, the methods of creation are changing significantly, along with the product itself. These changes are taking leaders in the industry by surprise, making the transition immense and a bit complicated to manage. Germany must act quickly in stride with the current challenges they are facing in this industry. If the German automobile workforce is unable to stand against the challenges while coming to a reasonable solution for what is in front of them concerning the diesel crisis, the repercussions will be highly destructive. As a result of Germany being regarded as one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, this topic is highlighted daily by the press.

No one knows when the technological advances will demand for automobiles to require the production of electric vehicles on a much bigger scale. For now, the internal combustion engine can safely live alongside the fully operating electric automobiles. As we move forward in time, the day approaches where the demand will be unavoidable. This may happen sooner than many people are choosing to believe. Legislation in Europe has begun on the matter with observable limitations. However, traditionally powered automobiles are getting closer to termination on the roads of Europe. When the internal combustion engine comes to an end, mobility will be thriving.

The Neutrino Group is a class of individuals that proudly stands and supports the advances in technology.

They set out to accomplish goals that allow them to build and mold together pioneering processes, through the unyielding strength of the mind.

It was revealed at the German Touring Championship that Daimler Benz no longer uses piston rings in his sports cars. Here again, we see the pressure of advanced technology influencing traditional automobile manufacturers to embrace the change taking place in the industry of cars and the progression taking place. This has become a company that participates in the „Formula E“, electric car competition. Mobility is proving to have great potential in the new technology advances of electrically operated vehicles. We here at the Neutrino Energy Group, believe this aspect of the future is both promising and inevitable.

Making modules that can power all devices available for use to the public is our main focus.

Due to the circle being continuous and having no end, we have taken to the name brand „Pi“ (n) for its mathematical connection. The value that is represented by (n) also has no end. Our logic is that „Pi“ will represent energy that never ends. This is the foundational principle here at Neutrino Energy Group.

All devices with the brand „Pi“ will not need the traditional power cable to charge the battery. In fact, each device will be equipped with an internal power converter. The internal power converter will utilize the energy from cosmic rays and photovoltaic light that will have a continuous charge. As the brand „Pi“ implies, the energy will be never-ending.

Along with this new brand of energy, there is a new line of German vehicles from the brand „Pi“. Electric mobility, „Made in Germany“.

The automotive division from Pi is currently hosting design studies for the first automobile launch. There is a great deal of attention highlighting the precise configuration of a vehicle that is not dependent on charging stations or limited by the range it can travel before requiring another charge. Thanks is due to the new technology that has surfaced from radical studies of the Neutrino Energy Group. The goal is to eliminate the need to use batteries. However, if within the early stages of production, the batteries are needed, they will be used to accommodate periods of high power consumption or to store a surplus of energy. In an effort to keep from eliminating jobs and to use production facilities without waste, all vehicles powered by electricity are to be manufactured in Germany, exclusively. Companies that are able to meet our high standards and expectations will be given priority. Negotiations with potential candidates have already taken place.

The German workforce is comprised of technicians and engineers that are exceedingly fit with skills that reflect great possibilities for innovation.

With the challenges to come, we must dive into this potential and extract the skills available in each worker to dominate what’s ahead of us. Unlocking what motivates us, releasing our creative minds and owning our confidence are necessary for this to work efficiently. In order to leave lasting impressions and mold the future into what we know it to be, those involved in the automobile industry must be actively involved in the work to come. With all of the possibilities available in this country, allowing uncertainty and disparagement to hold us back is not an option. The technological shift to come extends to us a plethora of discoveries and opportunities to embrace as change occurs. Having the power to establish limits favorable to the development and progress, puts the German government in a great position to assist in the fruition.

Though progress is important, it is not the only challenge we face in society. We are responsible for making sure the growing population’s need for water, education, food and energy are met. Our growth must happen in stages and our approaches must be taken on by untraditional ideas and gifted minds.

As new ways of thinking recompense themselves, the unmistakable growth, development and high stock market potential for innovative technology will be rewarded with a tomorrow that is better than yesterday. This holds to be undeniably true as change continues to take place in the automobile industry.

This is a game that is relatively fresh. Yet as a leader, the automotive division of Pi is prepared and equipped to accomplish this feat.

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