Neutrino energy will fuel the coming consciousness Renaissance

It’s clear that a sea change in human society and culture is rapidly coming. From automation to artificial intelligence, things are changing so quickly that it’s unclear whether the human psyche will be able to keep up.

To embrace the healing power of our new technologies, we must divest ourselves of our reliance on inefficient and dangerous sources of energy, and we must embrace energy production methods that will properly usher in the consciousness Renaissance that is rapidly approaching. The Neutrino Energy Group is providing the energy technologies that will liberate mankind from the chain of war and allow us to set our sights on enlightenment.

Distribution of labor at its finest

Since the dawn of history, mankind has consistently sought increased free time. Back in our hunter-gatherer days, our race had to fight tooth and nail every second to survive. The dawn of agriculture led to stratified societies, and labor has been distributed among a hierarchical class structure ever since. The hard work is pushed down to the bottom rung of the ladder, and those at the top partake in the feats of business, politics, and science that are remembered in history books.

Every time a new energy technology has come along, the bottom rung of society has been pushed one notch upward. Today’s urban poor have significantly greater quality of life than medieval serfs, and the rich have skyrocketed to positions of opulence and luxury undreamed of in even the most raucous Caligulan fantasies of a mere century ago. This much has been accomplished with mere fossil fuels, so just imagine what levels of interlocking complexity human society might attain with access to energy technologies that aren’t destructive.

Living machines to heal our psyches

According to ancient astrological and alchemical traditions, there’s psychological significance to the spiralling motion the solar system makes as it passes through the galaxy in a process that modern astronomers know as axial precession. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was famous for predicting that this steady movement of the Earth through space was catalyzing the dawn of an „Aquarian Age“ in which humanity comes to terms with its roots and reaches out to the stars.

Whether this prediction was based on genuine insight or it was just a good guess, it’s clear that the human race is entering into an unprecedented era in history. Battered by centuries of violence, warfare, and mass-scale deception, humanity is in need of a safe harbor to regroup and come to terms with its trauma.

Fossil fuels have been either the pretext or the cause of most of the major wars of the 20th century, and in general, a cutthroat economic model has had the people of the world in chains for millennia. The economic boom that resulted from harnessing fossil fuels was the first sign that humanity might pull itself up by its bootstraps, and by narrowly avoiding global nuclear war, we’ve finally arrived at a new era of healing, truth, and empowerment for all mankind.

He who controls the energy supply controls the future

What if ownership of the energy sector was passed from the corporate monoliths to the people? Not via a communist takeover, but by the development of a new technology that utterly reshapes our existing energy paradigms? If each individual or family had access to all the electricity they needed at all times throughout the day at any location, the monopoly over human destiny currently held by fossil fuel corporations would be forever broken, and humanity would be free to explore and grow unhindered by useless wars and mass media lies.

It’s time to enter a new era of freedom and honesty with the Neutrino Energy Group. No other organization in the world is working harder to put power over your destiny back in your hands. We have to act now to secure the bright future that we all want, and with the help of investors from all over the globe, Holger Thorsten Schubart’s international neutrino science consortium is putting energy production power back in your hands.

With endless decentralized energy provided by neutrinos, human society would be injected with a huge dose of the freedom that has always spurred technological conquest and great feats of imagination. You never know how much something simple might change your world until it happens, and we’re about to witness an uplifting moment in human history unlike any other.

As neutrinos begin powering our devices, artificial intelligence starts thinking for us, and automation takes on all the hard work, humanity will be free to learn and explore like never before. Fully harnessing the neutrino for energy will usher humanity into the long-awaited Golden Age, and Holger Schubart’s Neutrino Energy Group is making it happen.

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