Expanding the limits of human consciousness with the Neutrino Energy Group

Neutrino Energy

To a person living a thousand years ago, our current level of technological sophistication would have undoubtedly seemed just like magic. We’ve granted ourselves these powers with the help of new energy sources that have driven developments in engineering and provided dependable substitutes to the alchemical infusions and occult incantations of old.

After the next revolution in energy production, what technological achievements will humanity attain that dwarf even our current level of artificial wizardry? With every new technological innovation has come a corresponding shift in consciousness, and within a few short years, the energy sources for all our mystical, modern electronic devices will be just as inexhaustible as the human spirit itself.

The powers of ancient mystics and shamans

Just a hundred years ago, being able to see what’s happening in a distant place, talking with people across the world, or hearing the voices of the dead in recordings would have seemed like downright witchcraft. These days, however, nearly everyone in the world has access to a television, which is the circuit-board equivalent of a crystal ball.

The internet took the development of our mystical powers to another level entirely. Now that people everywhere have access to the equivalent of room-sized supercomputers in their pockets and on their wrists, it’s like the whole world is becoming one big community of techno-wizardry.

Unlocking the holographic universe with neutrino power

Despite our eerie technological prowess, the human race is still only capable of practicing cursed magic. The global energy grid that services our computers, smartphones, and smart buildings remains majorly dependent on fossil fuels, which is burdening humanity with an enduring feeling of widespread insecurity and guilt.

If only our technological devices were unleashed to roam free without being tethered to fossil fuels, our minds could finally soar to the loftiest heights. In the past, only those who committed themselves to stringent disciplines and worked all their lives could overcome the illusions of this world long enough to catch a glimpse of the divine. Surrounded by our digital family of neutrino-powered devices, however, human existence will be so idyllic that nirvana will naturally be just around the corner.

Human will always triumphs

Is it really possible to harvest energy from neutrinos? While this concept may have seemed like science fiction a few short years ago, deriving usable quantities of electricity from neutrino mass is now hard scientific fact. As often synchronistically happens in the world of science, the discovery that neutrinos have mass was made by two scientists half the world apart at nearly the exact same time.

Since then, the worldwide scientific community has been in a fervor as investors, engineers, and researchers have frantically scrambled to keep up with the implications of this momentous discovery. Maintaining its clear position at the head of the pack is the Neutrino Energy Group, which is the planet’s best hope for solving the neutrino energy dilemma.

About the Neutrino Energy Group

If we play this right, neutrino energy could well be our ticket out of our current energy production quagmire, our geopolitical mess, and the Earth’s gravitational well altogether. Founded by Holger Thorsten Schubart, the Neutrino Energy Group is a joint initiative of Americans, Germans, and scientists of various other nationalities who have come together to turn neutrino power into a useful tool for all humanity.

Starting with proposed devices that would power smartphones and other small electronics, the coming neutrinovoltaic energy infrastructure will gradually spread across the world until every human being is provided with his or her own Neutrino Power Cube capable of constantly supplying all their electricity needs throughout the day and night.

Unlike photovoltaic cells, neutrinovoltaic devices don’t need to be in direct sunlight. Whether in the deep darkness of a cave or atop a starry mountain peak, your Neutrino Energy Cube will still generate an endless flow of electricity produced by the music of the universe itself.

A light that never goes out

If you have a light, let it shine. The universe supplies all the light we’ll ever need to grow and thrive, and though it may be invisible, it’s all around us. Every sun in the universe produces neutrinos, and these ghostly particles collide and overlay with each other to make an endless web that connects every star in every galaxy to every other star.

Here on Earth, we’re unknowingly awash in this neutrino sea every second of our lives, but it’s only now that we fully understand the intended purpose of this comforting blanket of omnipresent, ethereal starlight. Neutrinos are here to be used, and by capturing a tiny portion of each passing neutrino’s infinitesimal mass, the Neutrino Energy Group’s neutrinovoltaic devices are unlocking the doors to humanity’s eternal freedom.

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