In the past, neutrinos have been ridiculed, referred to as ghost particles and doubted. The public is finally beginning to recognize neutrinos.

The revolutionary breakthroughs regarding neutrino research have recently caught a great deal of attention at the Nikola Tesla Forum and in numerous media reports all over the world.

The Neutrino Energy Group’s CEO is Holger Thorsten Schubart. His presentation at the Nikola Tesla Forum this year aptly summarized the situation. He said if all the fossil fuels remaining were combined, it would not accurately represent the amount of neutrino particles capable of reaching us within just one day.

Tesla Motors was named after an America automobile manufacturer, inventor and physicist by the name of Nikola Tesla.

He was granted in excess of 280 patents across the globe during the course of his life. These patents were mostly in the electrical engineering sector. This year would have been the 162nd birthday of Nikola Tesla. The forum this year honored him by being held in Unterwellenborn. This historical city was an excellent location to present a platform for discussing and exchanging the most recent research findings in the sector for energy technology. It was no surprise when one of the topics drawing the most interest was neutrinos.

The forum this year has numerous high points. This included a presentation by a professor of Propulsion Technology and Power Electronics, Dr. Konstantin Meyl. The professor took advantage of the opportunity to speak about his newest book, Neutrino Power. While he was giving his presentation, he spoke in detail regarding the mysterious little particles activity. He provided numerous concrete examples to illustrate the possibility of tapping into the Neutrino’s energy. Dr. Konstantin Meyl stated his book was a compilation of what he felt was most important in regards to implementing neutrino energy. He also participated in a follow-up discussion.

Dr. Meyl is also the assistant chairman for the scientific advisory board for the Neutrino Energy Group. He has faced exposure to all the criticism and skepticism possible regarding the proponents of neutrino energy.

There was a radical change to this situation in November of 2015. This was when the Nobel Prize for Physics was given to a pair of researchers who managed to prove there is mass present in neutrinos.

This concept has reached a point of acceptance enabling the numerous possibilities regarding neutrino energy to be pointed out. Despite a little scathing criticism, this was best explained by Holger Thorsten Schubart. He stated there were a lot of different opinions regarding the subject until fairly recently. He believes the approach he used has been proven to be correct in the end. He also stated it was unfortunate there were still scientists acting as though they were in the middle ages. He concluded by saying the requirements of the entire planet could be covered using the energy of the neutrino.

According to Holger Thorsten Schubart, it will only take a few decades for the fossil fuel reserves of the earth to be completely exhausted.

He believes geopolitical conflicts will occur due to the devastation of climate change and the last remaining resources. He stated this will be the result of the total dependence on natural gas, coal and oil. He also explained the energy reserves of the world have not been evenly distributed. This enabled profits to be made by just a few nations while the rest of the world’s population were not as lucky. He concluded by stating when neutrino energy is implemented it will bring in a new era for everyone living on the planet.

During the past couple days, numerous well respected international and German news sources have been reporting on the most current successes regarding the sector of neutrino research. This includes the Deutsche Presse Agentur, the Spiegel and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to mention just a few. Once of the most recent stories is currently receiving a lot of coverage from the media. This is Antarctica’s IceCube Neutrino Observatory. This is where researchers are now observing the incredibly small blue sparks resulting from neutrons from all over the universe. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted an interview by Marek Kowalski. This is the Neutrino Astronomy Department’s director at the Deutschen Elektronen-Synchrotron. The reporters were told it felt like looking right into a cosmic shotgun barrel. The Spiegel is a German magazine that covered the same story. They talked about the enormous energy contained in subatomic particles. This is believed tp be the true reason this research was conducted.

The final results revealed nothing ghostly regarding the particles long since referred to as ghostly. There is no doubt neutrinos are real.

Enormous quantities are constantly streaming through the Earth. Several billion neutrinos can permeate a thumbnail sized surface in just one second. This has been made irrevocably clear by the findings of the two individuals awarded the Nobel Prize to a scientific community previously filled with doubt. Researchers are beginning to comprehend neutrinos do possess mass and the true potential for a power source with limitless subatomic particles. The possibilities for developing this potential must be explored and this is one of the main goals of the Neutrino Energy Group.

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