„Neutrinovoltaic: the Perfect Electricity“

Life on Earth will cease to exist without electrical energy, and a breakthrough kind of renewable energy that does not require batteries is emerging. In the not-too-distant future, neutrinovoltaic devices will power every electrical item on the planet, ushering in the age of „perfect electricity,“ according to Neutrino Energy Group founder Holger Thorsten Schubart.

Cosmic and Urban Energy Harvesting

Neutrinovoltaic devices will first augment existing power sources, but this energy generating technology will ultimately progress to the point where it can completely replace present power sources. Neutrinovoltaic devices generate power from particles like neutrinos and other invisible radiation, which are created by both the cosmos and electrosmog, in the same way as thermoelectric generators generate electricity from ambient temperature fluctuations and photovoltaic cells generate electricity from photons. Simple devices can already be powered by neutrinovoltaics, and once scaled up, this revolutionary technology will be able to power bigger equipment.


The major scientific problem is to provide a steady supply of power in the most efficient manner feasible. Although it is naturally simpler to control the energy required to operate tiny devices, advances in energy management algorithms have made bigger devices more efficient in recent years.

When electronic gadgets are no longer in use, these algorithms put them into sleep mode fairly instantly. While devices are in standby mode, the latest energy algorithms substantially minimize the amount of power they require when they are not in use. These two breakthroughs, when combined, significantly cut the power consumption of the most energy-intensive gadgets.

Initially, neutrinovoltaic technologies will be unable to deliver the quantity of power required by devices during peak consumption, necessitating the use of batteries to store the electricity generated by neutrino energy devices during idle periods. However, neutrinovoltaic power will eventually be able to deliver energy to devices even during peak demand hours.


The development of improved intelligent power management protocols will have a significant influence on the amount of time it takes to bring neutrinovoltaics into the mainstream. Developers of products that employ neutrinovoltaic technology will need to carefully balance the quantity of energy that this new power source can create with the amount of energy that electronic gadgets use.

Engineers and entrepreneurs from all around the world are collaborating to create electrical gadgets that consume less power. The relevance of neutrinovoltaic technology in the global economy will rapidly grow as electronic gadgets become more energy-efficient.

The Neutrino Energy Group is already hard at work building the first neutrinovoltaic energy generator for home use. NEUTRINOVOLTAIK, as well as the increasingly durable gadgets that will follow in its wake, will herald in a new era of power consumption on the globe.

It’s past time for us to move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy, and neutrinovoltaic devices will help us achieve that aim.




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