Neutrinos Could Solve The Energy Crisis

Imagine a future without the problems associated with fossil fuels.

This could be a reality thanks to neutrino energy, and these are just a few of the advantages of this technology:

  • This energy source can be accessed anytime, but this is not necessarily the case with fossil fuels.
  • Neutrino energy would prevent pollution and global warming.
  • While fossil fuels are only available in certain parts of the world, it’s possible to harness neutrino energy anywhere on the planet, and there is no need for mining!
  • In addition, this technology could generate more electricity than fossil fuels.

What Problems Are Associated With Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels have been used for decades and have led to industrialization, but the problems that they can lead to are becoming increasingly apparent.

Peak oil is expected to occur by 2030, and conflict over fossil fuels is becoming increasingly common. The effects of climate change are rapidly becoming more apparent, and this is likely to continue unless a solution a viable alternative to fossil fuels is discovered.

How Does Neutrino Energy Work?

Neutrinos are produced by radioactive decay that occurs in the cosmos, and these particles carry a lot of energy when they reach earth. Every day, billions of these tiny particles pass through a space that’s the size of the nail of your thumb! Not only are they available all the time, but they hit the Earth in a continuous stream.

An important difference between neutrinos and light is that they do have solid mass, but light particles (photons) do not.

This was demonstrated by the physicists that won the Nobel prize in 2015, and despite the fact that they pass through solid objects with ease, the particles do interact with the matter that they come in contact with. The interactions between neutrinos and other forms of matter is how they could be used to generate energy, and Einstein found that all objects that have mass are capable of being used for the generation of energy even if the mass is incredibly low.

Who Discovered Neutrinos?

While neutrinos were known to science before 2015, a Japanese physicist named Takaaki Kajita and a Canadian physicist named Arthur McDonald from Canada found that they have mass in 2015.

What Do Experts Think About The Future Of This Technology?

The United States Departments of Energy feels that neutrinos would be a much better source of energy than fossil fuels, and the organization has referred to them as „the energy source of the future“. The organization also believes that modern day science currently has the ability to use neutrinos to create energy, and they feel that this will be highly beneficial to humanity.

Holger Thorsten Schubart also feels that the particles will make it possible to create massive amounts of energy.

However, he does have a concern. He fears that Germany could be unable to profit from this technology unless quick action is taken, and Chinese companies are already beginning to show interest in it. In fact, some companies from China have already made offers and have had inquiries about the technology.

If you’re interested in seeing an entire interview with Holger Thorsten Schubart, you can watch it on YouTube.

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