“The real Da Vinci Code”: Neutrino Energy

United States patent applications have been submitted by Neutrino Energy.

The applications state that the company is able to change neutrino energy to that of real electricity.
The Answer to Everyone’s Question Lies Within Geometry

The Neutrino Energy Group consists of four other entities: Neutrino Energy Forschung, Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, NEUTRINO Inc. and Neutrino Entwicklungs-UG. Each entity combined makes up the American-German partnership that is centered in research and development. The group has been consistently working to uncover a method of transforming a portion of the sun’s rays to electrical energy. The process of changing these neutrinos into electricity has been in motion since the year 2008. Neutrinos are small nonvisible particles of energy that continuously move through the earth and its atmosphere.

In the year 2015, two professors were awarded a Nobel Prize in the area of Physics.

Professor Takaaki Kajita and Professor Arthur McDonald won the prize, as a result of successfully solidifying that neutrinos hold mass. After the claim was made by the two professors, the response given by those interested in the topic was the belief that this theory was farfetched. It was unbelievable because E=mc2. When one object has mass, it must also have energy, says Einstein. Therefore, if neutrinos hold mass then according to Einstein, they would also have to have energy. Though there has been little to no media coverage on this unbelievable topic of science, the individuals heavily involved in the environment of all things science related have been going in circles over the new discovery. As studies are continuing to be done on the discovery of neutrinos holding mass, Universities across the United States are researching the claims. The University of Chicago successfully demonstrated how neutrinos and subatomic particles interacted with each other. As a result, weekly reports are being released in the United States and Asia.

There are some advantages that are uncovered when the energy of neutrinos is transformed to electricity.

Homes will have the advantage of using less energy to power the electrical devices needed to run the environment. In today’s world of advanced technology, devices are needing less and less electricity to function, as opposed to what was required in the past. As a result of using less energy, we are able to find and develop alternative sources for electricity and further pull away from our ongoing fossil fuel dependence. Most of our energy for electricity comes from oils, the burning of coal and gases that occur naturally. As the electricity is created, it is distributed to homes and places of business through the connection of power lines that reach for numerous miles. Massive amounts of energy are lost, as a result of the less efficient use of electricity. As technology continues to advance and as new discoveries are made, the use of power lines will no longer be required to distribute the electrical energy. The Neutrino Group is working to develop an energy converter that will entirely power individual households and the electrical devices within them. The energy converter will be called a „Neutrino Power Cube“.

The question of how we will be able to translate the kinetic energy of neutrinos to that of electrical energy capable of providing power to homes and other devices is still prevalent.

Researchers conclude that the precise geometry of the object along with the vibrations caused when the neutrinos collide with each other will solve this important question. The construction consists of layered carbon and silicon that are adhered with meticulous exactness to a substrate of metallic. Furthermore, the design allows for the neutrinos to impact the layers while creating resonance. As defined by technology and physics, resonance is described as a vibrating system experiencing increased levels of vibrations as the subject is momentarily impacted in variables. As this process continues, stronger vibrations are a result of the ongoing resonance. These vibrations would be stronger than the initial vibrations caused by the beginning impact on the layers. The stronger vibrations are only possible if significant principles of geometry have been thoroughly considered. The scientists of the Neutrino Group have successfully been able to construct the distinctly covered resonating substrates with precise geometric principles. As a result, the group is able to change the frequencies from impact to frequencies that successfully resonate on a conductor of electricity.

The patent is held by Neutrino Deutschland GmbH and has the design number WO2016142056 A1, 7.03.2016.

With its success and leap forward in technology, the foundation for future energy is before us.

Many are calling it the real „Da Vinci Code“ and it has been broken. With this rattling discovery, life as we know it will be changed in unimaginable ways for the better. Understanding the geometric principles needed to construct a subject that is able to produce an ideal level of resonance while housing the ability to allow particles that are only visible with an electron microscope, to vibrate broke the code. As these small particles vibrate, the electrons of the metallic substrate vibrate in response. Though the overall process is complex, energy is produced, as a result. Noncomplex mathematics can easily demonstrate the process. What’s left is to determine how much of this newly discovered energy will be necessary to give power to electrical devices such as, vehicles that run off electricity, cellular phones or an entire household. This is an incredible fete; however, it will take decades to make it a reality. The neutrino interaction with other materials has been published as a fact by the United States Department of Energy. The statement was published on February 22, 2018.

Professor Stephen Hawkins believed that the use of neutrinos as an energy source is the only known way to eliminate global issues across the world.

As a result of neutrino radiation, we may be able to obtain an unlimited stream of energy. For these big changes to occur, it could take years that in turn lead to decades to acquire success in this area. Individuals in high ranking power may attempt to stop this progress in technology. However, it is the role of our society to take leaps and bounds to ensure that progress is made regardless of the opposition. If change does not come, calamities are bound to happen as a result of the ill use of the planet’s energy. We must take on the challenge now in order to secure life on this planet for generations to come.

Whether we choose to remain unchanged without seeking to better the environment or if we decide to charter new ways of living, both the destruction and success of our world is held in our hands.

We must make the choice. For ages many have insisted on the principles of geometry being able to lead us into a better way of living. Maybe it’s time to hear them out.

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