Long believed to be unfeasible and unworkable, NEUTRINO energy now spans the world, and is on the precipice of transforming electricity use.

It comes as no surprise, since as far back as 2015, tow top Neutrino researchers received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The surprise rests in the fact that Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita and Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald made their discoveries autonomously, i.e. in the absence of each other. Each came to the independent conclusion that the tiniest particles that compose nearly all matter–neutrinos–do, in fact, possess physical mass. McDonald and Kajita formulated the tests that corroborated this fact.

Why did so few actually notice this bombshell?

Among the the most basic fragments that constitute the universe, neutrinos do not possess an electrical charge. They they result from stellar explosions and bursts of gamma rays. Though visually imperceptible, they mass and potential for transforming future energy use. As Albert Einstein, who gave us e=mc2, profoundly discovered, what contains mass contains energy. For several years, scientists have confirmed and measured NEUTRINO energy under controlled experimental environments. These researchers envisioned NEUTRINO as a powerful source of energy but their forecasts were scoffed at by peers, who did not acknowledge the physical existence of these particles. Neither did they concede any possible use for them.

Of course, many great discoveries were mocked in their infancy. Yet NEUTRINO will–like its many predecessors–give lie to the doubters.

In essence, this ebergy acts much like a solar cell. The difference is that neutrinos are not captured in the generation process. Only their kinetic energy is utilized and converted to usable electricity. Best of all, the transformers can function in pitch darkness.

Because they convert a portion of the invisible spectrum into energy–all day, all year–the cells to not depend on light to get the job done. Since light dependency was the rap against traditional solar energy, NEUTRINO energy will revolutionize the debate, as well as the business models presently in use. Indeed, the entire economy will undergo change because of this advancement. This is what revolutions do.

NEUTRINO Germany GmbH as assembled a working group, under the leadership of Holger Thorsten Schubart, to construct a first-ever instrument that transforms NEUTRINO energy into usable electrical power for consumers.

NEUTRINO Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Neutrino, Inc.

Objectives for this project will be incremental. The first step will be producing enough electricity to power small devices, e.g. cell phones. The idea here is to re-charge such accessories without a power cord, but with NEUTRINO radiation exclusively. Looking farther, the scientists hope to develop the capacity to charge electric cars (the NEUTRINO Energy Group has this on the drawing board) and, ultimately, to power homes and offices.

NEUTRINO Power-Cubes represent the future in terms of heating, air-conditioning and other household power use.

This benefits the environment by reducing–or eliminating–the need for fossil fuels. Even more dramatic is the fact that these cubes will be based at their point of service, making the central generation plants of public utilities obsolete. Carrying distances, therefore, are no longer a cost of energy supply.

The main point is that mass–now ascertained–yields energy. This discovery will not be stifled. Energy shortages will become a thing of the past. Moreover, conflicts over oil fields and other land-based sources will also pass into oblivion. Yes, the peace and ecological integrity of dreams will soon become reality. It may take 20 to 30 years, but it is coming.

There is no honest or informed reason to inhibit scientific discovery. TAs the Italian polymath, Galileo observed:

„He who is ignorant of the truth is merely a fool; he who knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal.“

Political, cultural and other thought leaders are obliged to highlight and champion scientific advancement. With or without them, 2018 is but the beginning of this energy revolution. Neutrino energy has time…and the sun…on its side.

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