Reasons That Wind Power Isn't Absolute
Is Renewable Energy Possible Without Environmental Degradation?

To wean humanity off fossil fuels, environmental activists, entrepreneurs, and government agencies are looking everywhere for renewable energy solutions to power humanity’s future. In most parts of the world, solar and wind power are the most popular types of alternative energy, but both of these renewable electricity sources have detractors that might negatively impact the environment.

Reasons That Wind Power Isn’t Absolute

Since the inception of this energy-generating technology, proponents of wind-powered electricity farms have rightfully extolled the virtues of this alternative energy source. It’s certainly true that windmills do generate electricity without the use of fossil fuels or nuclear energy, but it’s also the case that wind farms only operate when it’s windy, and when the air is still, these renewable energy generators don’t produce a single kilowatt.

Additionally, windmills aren’t without their aesthetic drawbacks. While the sight of windmills stretching as far as the eye can see is an inspirational reminder that clean energy sources are on the rise, many people would rather look at natural scenery.

Plus, it’s an unfortunate fact that more than a few birds run afoul of the whirling blades of wind farms. Our avian friends don’t know how to deal with these sudden changes in their environments, and windmills can even disrupt migration patterns. For these reasons and more, energy scientists are on the lookout for technologies that might be able to supplement wind power as the world moves to embrace clean energy sources.

Offshore Wind Farms Pose Even Greater Concerns

A recent article in The Middletown Press details the progress of local efforts to install an array of offshore windmills. The article discusses a hefty document that was just released by the U.S. Department of Energy providing guidance to community members on best practices to take once the offshore windmills are installed.

The state of Connecticut decided to build these windmills in coastal waters instead of on land to minimize their environmental impact, but this document from the Department of Energy provides a starkly different view of how the environment fares once the wind farms are constructed. It articulates concerns that various aspects of the operation of the planned windmills might impact the migration patterns and daily lives of various bird, fish, and aquatic mammal species.

Is Renewable Energy Possible Without Environmental Degradation?

Solar energy technology, for its part, takes up a large amount of open space to generate usable electricity, which makes it reasonable to wonder if it’s even possible to have worldwide renewable energy without harming the environment. Every type of existing renewable energy technology appears to have drawbacks, but humanity can’t continue to rely on fossil fuels forever. To ensure the bright future that is mankind’s birthright, it’s necessary to devise a new technology that kicks fossil fuels to the curb while leaving our pristine environment intact.

Neutrino Energy – The Renewable Energy Solution That Doesn’t Destroy the Landscape

In 2015, scientists discovered that neutrinos have mass, and within a few short years, these „ghost particles“ have transformed from ethereal unknowns into an energy source ripe for exploitation. Everything that has mass also has energy, and the engineers at the Neutrino Energy Group have devised a new energy technology that transforms the power of neutrinos as they pass through us and everything around us.

It’s now possible to transform the kinetic energy derived from passing neutrinos into electricity, and this technology has been demonstrated to produce usable amounts of electrical energy in laboratory settings. Within the next few years, it will become possible to power appliances​ like smartwatches, smartphones, and laptops with neutrino energy, homes and industrial equipment won’t be far behind.

Limitless Power Anywhere, Anytime

Hardly anything stops the passage of neutrinos. These ethereal particles pass right through the Earth and most of its minerals as if our planet was nothing but mist. This seeming detractor of neutrino energy is actually one of this technology’s greatest strengths; instead of littering the face of the Earth with solar arrays or wind farms, it’s possible to deploy neutrinovoltaic devices indoors or deep underground. These revolutionary energy devices produce the same amount of electricity no matter where they are positioned.

It goes without saying that neutrino energy can still be generated even when the sun is down and the wind isn’t blowing. This game-changing energy-generation technology operates continuously no matter what the environmental conditions may be, which solves one of the longest-lasting problems of renewable energy science.

Learn More About the Neutrino Energy Group

The Neutrino Energy Group is leading the charge in the global efforts to develop neutrinovoltaic devices for consumer use. According to CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart, the day in which a „Neutrino Energy Cube“ will be available to every consumer on Earth isn’t far off, and if these visionary scientists have their way, neutrinovoltaic electricity will soon propel humanity into the stars.

This partnership of American and German companies is hard at work developing the energy technologies of the future. Unlike windmills, neutrino energy devices don’t scar the Earth, which upholds the promises of environmental protection that have always driven the development of renewable energy technologies.

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