Electric Age: The Next Step

Our world is undergoing radical change.

Past values, behavioral patterns, and ways of thinking are being mercilessly questioned and challenged. While many individuals are able to recognize this phenomenon, few are able to understand the potential consequences of the changes occurring around them. If we look to the past, we generally break our history up into eras. Rather than merely systemizing the past, we do this to mark significant points of time where certain phases of development began. Every one of our history’s phases is upheld and determined by the level of productivity in society at that time. Climate change, the internet, fake news, social and economic globalization, Neutrino® Energy, and electro-mobility are all areas that point to certain developmental processes. As different as each of these concepts are, they are not isolated from each other. Rather, they influence each other and intersect. Since they offer us the possibility to create entirely new forces and combinations, these interactions and intersections are crucial. However, these moments are not without struggle and friction before leading to change.

Germany’s automobile industry, along with the rest of the world, is currently in the process of writing a thrilling film script.

Sometimes a horror story, sometimes a love story – no one is entirely sure what to expect for an ending. Still, everyone wants to make a contribution. Of course, this is simply a metaphor, but it helps us gain insight into the issues facing the automobile industry as well as the possible solution. Recent years have brought dramatic changes to the film industry, but many still follow the script lines of previous years quite efficiently. Basically, new approaches are being successfully supplemented with old techniques and materials. For instance, celluloid no longer stands as the only medium for capturing motion. Also, none of the changes to the process of filmmaking has resulted in any Oscar Awards being canceled.

Movies – along with actors – are still around. From the perspective of the consumer, any changes behind the scenes pale in comparison to the importance of the final product. As long as the final experience is satisfying, whatever goes on behind the scenes is secondary. This is a great example of old and new intersecting without damage to the final result. We need to let this example guide us in order to meet the demands and challenges of the future. To successfully address the downsides of past ways of thinking and encourage fresh perspective, a high degree of vision and competence is required. Only then will we have a chance at achieving a true „happy ending“. Every branch of technology and science has indications that past successes are the foundation of future development and innovation. Discarding, imagining, attempting, designing, new starts, and failures are all necessary aspects of the process of change and progress. There is no way of knowing which type of energy will take the place of conventional heating methods that rely on fossil fuels or the internal combustion engine. Neverending concerns about climate impact, cost, availability, feasibility, and user acceptance will all affect what is to come.

Currently, the field of electromobility is undergoing substantial research. The possibility of finding feasible alternatives appears promising.

Each possibility needs to be thoroughly investigated, although it is unlikely that a single solution will supersede the others as it did in the 20th century. There is a growing number of people willing to take a take a chance on alternative technology. Change’s financial breeding ground has reached epic proportions. This trend has meant a significant increase in the speed that new technology must begin production. Progress is initiated in the mind.

Along with talk of improved batteries for electric vehicles, there is also extensive research being done in the fields of charging technology, self-driving vehicles, optimizing energy use, and energy supply. A good portion of companies involved in this research are working on their own. The countless obstacles that must be faced in order to bring electro-mobility from idea to reality are not merely of a regional nature, but rather of a global nature. Alternatively, the area of energy production is indicating minimal discernable innovation. It appears that the world is stuck on the idea of centrally generating electricity in massive quantities using methods that are harmful to the environment. This means that energy production is coming at a sky-high cost to both the environment and individual customers.

One of the top concerns today in our society is energy.

It needs to be provided and produced at locations where there is a demand for it. Further, production methods need to have minimal impact on the environment. From an ecological or economic standpoint, little else makes sense. Stil, current power grids are continually getting expanded along with new ones being built. The main issue here appears to be upholding the status quo rather than determining the most efficient method for creating and distributing power. It is without a doubt that the winds of change will demand a new course. Naturally, our stock market will be a strong factor and indicator in this development. Our present problem already has solutions. It is simply a matter of manpower and backing capital.

Change is inevitable and it will no doubt have an effect on our entire society.

Our production methods, our thinking, our approach to solving the problem of fulfilling our energy needs, and even ourselves as individuals will be affected. The only way to tackle the challenges of the future is to reinvent ourselves. Energy will continue to be a concern, but alternative sources such as neutrino energy will open up entirely new possibilities in the methods of use and production. Let’s dive in and start envisioning the world of the future where electrical energy is unlimited, available, and affordable for everyone. This could eliminate many of the major causes of past and present conflicts. Although several decades may be needed to achieve this goal, we can’t stop or slow down the future from happening.

It should be clear to everyone that the current team of international researchers working on helping our society take a step forward in the electric age have two main allies: the sun and time.

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