Neutrino Power Cube; Here are some technical details you should know about

Stephen Hawking, the renowned scientist, expressed his belief not long before he passed away that neutrinos were humanity’s only chance of avoiding an impending energy crisis that threatened to put an end to the progression of humankind for all time. Although neutrino radiation is not visible to the naked eye, it is a source of energy that has the potential to be infinite, and scientists have taken the initial steps toward harnessing it for use in many applications.


But could neutrinos be turned into electricity?

Despite years of study by scientists from different countries, no one could agree on an answer until recently. However, they do agree that the energy contained in the 60 billion neutrinos that pass through every square centimeter of Earth’s surface every second is greater than that contained in all the remaining fossil fuels put together. If the problem of transforming the energy from neutrinos into electricity could be solved, there would be a limitless source of environmentally friendly power available.

Nikola Tesla, the man responsible for the development of alternating current electricity as well as the remote control and asynchronous motors, was among the first scientists to postulate the existence of an invisible and infinite source of electricity beyond the reach of our technological development. Time and scientific progress have allowed us to consider neutrinos as a potential source of power, but many people, including many scientists, remain skeptical about the feasibility of turning the invisible spectrum of radiation into electricity.


Unlocking the full potential of these ghost particles

Neutrinos have mass, which has the genuine potential to have an impact on everyone’s lives on Earth, according to recent studies. Tools for harnessing neutrinos and other non-visible radiations have been developed thanks to collaboration between researchers in Germany and the United States, who established the German-American Neutrino Energy Group in 2008 to combine their intellectual prowess and strong financial backing in neutrino research. The Neutrino Power Cube is the company’s latest innovation that they have come up with to fulfill the demand for powering homes.

Currently, hundreds of kilometers of electricity generated in power plants are carried along power lines, resulting in enormous energy losses. Because it can be positioned immediately at the location where energy is being consumed, the Neutrino Power Cube removes any possibility of power being wasted. The present prototypes of the Neutrino Power Cube each have seven producing units, therefore they are able to produce 7 kWh of power. However, up to 2 kWh of this power is consumed to meet the needs of the device itself.

The Neutrino Power Cube features multiple outputs with varying power ratings for DC and AC 220 V and 380 V, resulting in a loss of power when the generated power is converted by the electronics. The Neutrino Power Cube, which consists of seven different generating modules and control elements in addition to the electronics that are responsible for converting the generated electricity, has convenient geometric dimensions that make it simple to install it within a residential neighborhood. The output of the electricity can be raised per the customer’s request by adding more generating modules.

President of the international Neutrino Energy Group and mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart gives this description of the Neutrino Power Cube:

A compressed electro-generating wafer contained in a separate enclosure constitutes an electro-generating module. The electro-generating sheet is a metal foil with a multi-layer nanomaterial on one side comprised of alternating layers of graphene and silicon with alloying components. The positive pole of the metal foil is the coated side, and the negative pole is the uncoated side. The external factor of the nearby radiation fields, including neutrino flux, amplifies the vibrations of the graphene atoms that are caused by Brownian motion. This results in a resonance of the vibrations of the graphene atoms, which is then captured in the form of a direct electric current. Enhanced electron recoil can occur when doped silicon is brought into contact with the atomic vibrations that occur during resonance. The energy of radiation fields, including neutrino flux, can be converted into electric current using a substance called graphene.

The neutrino is only one of the many factors that affect the magnitude of the vibrations of the graphene atoms that make up the multilayer nanomaterial, despite being one of the most significant ones. As such, this is yet another crucial facet of the influence of radiation fluxes in the invisible spectrum on the Neutrino Energy Group’s nanomaterial. The temperature of the air where the Neutrino Power Cube is located is one example of the many radiations in the surrounding space that also have an impact on the vibrations of the graphene atoms.

Within the next few decades, humans will start using neutrino energy to create power on a massive scale all across the planet, despite the fact that such a drastic technological advance may appear too unbelievable to be true. The United States Department of Energy issued a statement in February 2018 indicating that neutrinos interact with other material objects, adding weight to the evidence that neutrinos have actual potential to transform the world.

In contrast to those who believe fossil fuels have a bright future, innovators in other fields are already at work on innovations that will change the world as we know it. One of the world’s greatest metamaterials centers, the Centre for Materials for Electronic Technology (C-MET) in Pune, India, recently announced an expanded partnership with Neutrino Energy Group. The purpose of the partnership is to develop The Car Pi, an electric vehicle that will convert the energy of neutrinos, electrosmog, temperature variations, electromagnetic waves, and other naturally occurring and artificially produced invisible radiations. The Car Pi will be based on a newly discovered metamaterial that will be used to make its body. This game-changing technological advancement in the automotive industry will completely revolutionize the automotive world.

In such an innovative breakthrough, one can see a direct validation of the eminent physicist Stephen Hawking’s assumption regarding the critical role of neutrinos in solving global energy challenges. Neutrino particle energy, among other forms of the invisible spectrum, is being put to use thanks to the efforts of the outstanding scientists, engineers, and technicians that make up the Neutrino Energy Group.

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