Neutrino Energy Is Without a Doubt the Energy of the Future

Neutrino energy, which was formerly regarded to be a technological and physical impossibility, is now becoming a worldwide sensation, owing to the Neutrino Energy Group.

The foreshadowing began in the autumn of 2015, when two members of Neutrino’s worldwide team were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Neutrinos, the microscopic cosmic particles that permeate practically everything in the cosmos and which had long been assumed to be massless, were finally shown to have mass by the independent efforts of Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald and Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita. Kajita and McDonald’s innovative testing procedures allowed for this finding.

Few individuals understood the magnitude of this finding at the time it was made. The constant stream of high-energy neutrinos that eventually reaches Earth is fascinating. The mass of neutrinos makes them the energy source of the future; however, they are invisible to the naked eye unlike the visible spectrum of the sun’s light. E=mc2 was proven by Einstein, hence it’s a fact. Everything with mass also has energy, under the Theory of Relativity. Neutrino energy has been verifiable and measurable under experimental conditions for a while now, but researchers whose goal it was to harness it were often ridiculed, and the energy itself was thought to be non-existent, physically impossible, and therefore meaningless.

In a few short years, however, the tremendous possibilities that the harnessing of neutrino energy will make possible are difficult to conceive. Neutrinovoltaic cells operate on the same basic principle as traditional solar cells, with the added benefit of being able to provide electricity even in total darkness. In this technique, neutrinos are not themselves captured; rather, a fraction of their kinetic energy is transformed into electricity.

They are able to do this process 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and anywhere on the surface of the earth. The energy they produce comes from a portion of the invisible spectrum. This will, without a doubt, have a significant influence on the energy markets of the world in the decades to come, in addition to having an effect on industry and the economy. Economies and business structures will evolve. Certain industries will vanish entirely while others will emerge.

Under the guidance of Holger Thorsten Schubart, a team from Neutrino Deutschland GmbH comprising of researchers and institutions from around the world is now developing the first technologies capable of converting neutrino energy into electrical power for the end user. Neutrino Deutschland GmbH is a German subsidiary of Neutrino Inc., which is headquartered in the United States.

The initial goal is to harness enough energy to power small electronic devices such as mobile phones, allowing the battery to be charged continually without the use of a connection utilizing neutrinos and other forms of non-visible radiations alone. The next step is to develop electrically driven vehicles and boats that never need to stop at a charging station and hence have a virtually infinite range; and lastly, after years of grueling study, to convert enough neutrino energy to fulfill the demands of entire families.

Heating and energy will be provided in the future via Neutrino Power-Cubes, reducing the current dependency on environmentally hazardous chemicals such as oil and natural gas. And, because these Power-Cubes will be installed exactly where the energy is required, it will be unnecessary to generate electricity centrally and then transport it hundreds of kilometers at tremendous loss. Batteries will only fill the void during brief times of unusually high energy use.

Mass means energy, and there’s no way to stop the future. With this revolutionary technology, the world will finally be able to meet its energy needs in a sustainable and equitable manner, putting an end to the geopolitical battles and military confrontations over natural resources that endanger the entire globe. In a few short decades, the lives of all could be safer and more fulfilling. May this be considered a pipe dream, or is it possible that it could come true?

Scientific information can impact the future, but it can also be denied and suppressed for a variety of reasons. The choice ultimately rests with humanity, however there is a proverb that says, „He who is ignorant of the truth is simply a fool; he who knows it and calls it a falsehood is a criminal.“ (Galileo Galilei)

Today, it is incumbent upon the political institutions of the world to take the initiative and set the pace. Tomorrow can’t wait!

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