Neutrinovoltaic: Yesterday’s Utopian Fantasy Becomes an Energy Production Reality
While neutrinovoltaic technology is one of the newest forms of energy production, Neutrino Energy Group is pleased to announce that this paradigm-shifting technology is already making waves around the world. Derived from combining the words „neutrino“ and „photovoltaic,“ neutrinovoltaic technology produces electrical energy from the ghostly neutrinos that bombard everything by
Mainstream Neutrino Science is Catching Up
Superconductivity of trilayer graphene confirmed ​​In the world of superconductor engineering, heat has always been an issue. While reducing the energy loss of electrons moving through a material is ideal in power grids and other applications, existing superconductor technology must be operated at exceedingly high temperatures to deliver the desired
Neutrinovoltaic: Energy around the Clock from non-visible Radiation
Neutrino Energy – Neutrinovoltaic as the next logical Step after Photovoltaic In its early stages solar power also developed quite slowly. Although first implemented in 1958 for space travel, the 70’s saw the use of solar cells primarily in small-scale applications such as pocket calculators, and almost 20 years passed
Neutrinovoltaic as the Next Logical Step After Photovoltaic
In its early stages solar power also developed quite slowly. Although first implemented in 1958 for space travel, the 70s saw the use of solar cells primarily in small-scale applications such as pocket calculators, and almost 20 years passed before an entire household could be supplied with electricity. The triumph
Harvesting Energy from the Environment: The Era of the “homo electricus” and Neutrino Energy
In our era of “homo electricus” life without electricity is completely unconceivable, but how is this energy to be generated? At the present time scientists are working on a new form of technology which will revolutionize mankind’s struggle to meet its energy needs: Neutrino Energy Harvesting Systems that are able
Neutrino Energy in the field of space travel
Neutrino Energy will soon be opening up entirely new possibilities in the field of space travel The 69th International Astronautical Congress has just drawn to a close, and Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, felt very privileged to have been able to take part in this exciting
Today’s approaches to electromobility are not environmentally sound
The time has come for a technological revolution! Oddly enough, first steps in this direction were already taken many years ago.  The automobile manufacturer TESLA takes its name from the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, but the connection ends there. Far from being truly innovative, this company produces relatively commonplace electric
Free Energy – New Research and Development
Controversy surrounds the idea of free energy. The subject is usually approached in two ways. People either believe in the philosophical need for it, or they prefer to stick to what they already know. These are both valid points of view. It is normal to be wary of new innovations
In the past, neutrinos have been ridiculed, referred to as ghost particles and doubted. The public is finally beginning to recognize neutrinos. The revolutionary breakthroughs regarding neutrino research have recently caught a great deal of attention at the Nikola Tesla Forum and in numerous media reports all over the world.
Neutrinos Could Solve The Energy Crisis
Imagine a future without the problems associated with fossil fuels. This could be a reality thanks to neutrino energy, and these are just a few of the advantages of this technology: This energy source can be accessed anytime, but this is not necessarily the case with fossil fuels. Neutrino energy
“The real Da Vinci Code”: Neutrino Energy
United States patent applications have been submitted by Neutrino Energy. The applications state that the company is able to change neutrino energy to that of real electricity. The Answer to Everyone’s Question Lies Within Geometry The Neutrino Energy Group consists of four other entities: Neutrino Energy Forschung, Neutrino Deutschland GmbH,
Projects that are converting Neutrinos to the Energy of the Future
Many wars across the globe can be linked back to mankind’s struggle for renewable, clean energy sources. Today, a german team lead by Neutrino Group’s CEO, Holger Thorsten Schubart, works on just such an energy source. The team is putting together technology to convert cosmo-sourced neutrino energy into electrical power
Neutrino energy: The Coming Energy Revolution
Long believed to be unfeasible and unworkable, NEUTRINO energy now spans the world, and is on the precipice of transforming electricity use. It comes as no surprise, since as far back as 2015, tow top Neutrino researchers received the Nobel Prize in Physics. The surprise rests in the fact that
Pi: German Innovative Electrical Mobility
Ingenious Electrical Mobility is Now ‚Made in Germany‘ Over the years, there has been growth and de-escalation in the automobile industry. The highs and lows of this industry include the founding of the automobile company TESLA and the German diesel scandal. In the past, when one catastrophe would present itself,
Electric Age: The Next Step
Our world is undergoing radical change. Past values, behavioral patterns, and ways of thinking are being mercilessly questioned and challenged. While many individuals are able to recognize this phenomenon, few are able to understand the potential consequences of the changes occurring around them. If we look to the past, we generally