The Car Pi: Invisible Radiation Converted by Metamaterials Will Power the Electrical Vehicles of Tomorrow
In honor of the anniversary of its founding, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) in Pune, India has announced a deepening cooperation with Berlin, Germany’s Neutrino Energy Group. Chaired on C-MET’s side by Dr. Vijay Bhaktar and inaugurated by Dr. Holger Thorsten Schubart, head of the Neutrino Energy
Measuring the Invisible: Seeking Universe’s Smallest Particles for Answers to Its Biggest Questions
Particle physicist Lindley Winslow seeks the universe’s smallest particles for answers to its biggest questions. When she entered the field of particle physics in the early 2000’s, Lindley Winslow was swept into the center of a massive experiment to measure the invisible. Scientists were finalizing the Kamioka Liquid Scintillator Antineutrino
Groundbreaking Memorandum of Cooperation Marks New Era of International Neutrino Energy Research
In honor of the anniversary of its founding, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) in Pune, India has announced a deepening cooperation with Berlin, Germany’s Neutrino Energy Group. Chaired on C-MET’s side by Dr. Vijay Bhaktar and inaugurated by Dr. Holger Thorsten Schubart, head of the Neutrino Energy
Glashow resonance is spotted in a neutrino detector at long last – Physics World
Physicists working on the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica say they have made the first observation of the Glashow resonance – a process first predicted more than 60 years ago. If confirmed, the observation would provide further confirmation of the Standard Model of particle physics and help astrophysicists understand how
MoS IT Shri Sanjay Dhotre Inaugurates International Conference On Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing- 2021
New Delhi: On the occasion of 30th foundation day of Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Shri Sanjay Dhotre, the Union Minister of State for Education, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, inaugurated today the International Conference on Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing (MEMP 2021). Several dignitaries
UVic researchers advance knowledge of the universe
While advancing our most basic knowledge of the world around us is itself a worthy goal, we also recognize that many of the most important technological advancements in the past 150 years in areas such as communications, energy, medicine and computing have arisen from discoveries in fundamental science. We hope
The Neutrinovoltaic Paradigm Will Support Global Financial Stability
As is apparent with the rise of cryptocurrency and the consumerization of the stock market, we are in the midst of a revolutionary change in global financial systems. With hyperinflation a very real possibility on the horizon, the Neutrino Energy Group intends to shore up the world’s economic infrastructure with
Why Doped Graphene Is the Key to Neutrino Energy Solutions
Long doubted or even ridiculed for his steadfast belief in the energy-production potential of neutrinos, Neutrino Energy Group founder and CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart has recently proved the everyday practicality of his seemingly otherworldly neutrinovoltaic technologies. At the center of the neutrino energy revolution is doped graphene, a unique nanomaterial
Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars
Scientists of the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS), the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and the Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS (INR RAS) studied the arrival directions of astrophysical neutrinos with energies more than a trillion electronvolts (TeV) and
A new PROSPECT for national security – via neutrinos
Spotting neutrinos is a thrilling scientific endeavor in and of itself, but it may also be a matter of national security. Neutrinos — specifically, their corresponding partner, antineutrinos — are elusive, elementary particles that pass through most of the universe without being affected. One way that scientists have attempted to
NASA selects astrophysics mission to detect ultrahigh-energy neutrinos
Physicists in Arts & Sciences, including Brian Rauch, are part of a team funded by NASA to develop the concept for the most sensitive survey of cosmic ultra-high energy neutrinos ever conducted. A scientific balloon designed to launch from Antarctica will detect the signals, under a new program called Astrophysics
The Neutrino Energy Group Will Liberate Mobile Devices From the Grid
Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have revolutionized the way we process data and access the internet. With nothing more than the smartphone in your pocket, you can run a business, learn a language, or interact with your friends, family, and peers with hitherto unimaginable convenience and efficiency. Despite their
Passionate about Particle Physics: Featuring Four Fermilab Women
This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we feature four fabulous women at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab who are pushing at the frontiers of particle physics. Kirsty Duffy, Jessica Esquivel, Anna Grassellino and Jen Raaf shared with the world their passion for science over the last
Large-area integration of two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures by wafer bonding
Abstract Integrating two-dimensional (2D) materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines is essential to exploit their material properties in a wide range of application areas. However, current approaches are not compatible with high-volume manufacturing on wafer level. Here, we report a generic methodology for large-area integration of 2D materials by adhesive wafer
Largest telescope in Northern hemisphere to begin operations at Baikal in March
The Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope is located at Lake Baikal and is designated for registration of the Cherenkov radiation, a pale fluorescence emerging in water or other transparent medium due to charged particles. In the Baikal water the Cherenkov radiation occurs due to neutrinos coming from space
Decentralized Neutrino Energy is the Key to Human Freedom
Human beings can only prosper when they have adequate access to energy. A few centuries ago, energy derived from wood fires, waterways, and muscles could power every type of technology in existence. Steady access to electrical energy is necessary to maintain our modern technological lifestyles. Going off the grid has
Neutrino Energy is the Solution to Global Pollution
Every modern form of energy production causes considerable pollution. Fossil fuels pollute soil and waterways with toxic byproducts, and fossil fuel emissions cause air pollution all around the world. Even conventional renewable energy technologies cause considerable pollution. Solar panels only last 30 years at most, and discarded photovoltaic arrays contain
Compelling evidence of neutrino process opens physics possibilities
SCGSR Awardee Jacob Zettlemoyer, Indiana University Bloomington, led data analysis and worked with ORNL’s Mike Febbraro on coatings, shown under blue light, to shift argon light to visible wavelengths to boost detection. Credit: Rex Tayloe/Indiana University
Neutrino Energy is This Generation’s Solar Energy
Photovoltaic energy was discovered in the mid-19th century. It wasn’t until more than a century later, however, that solar panels found their first practical application in space exploration. Even then, critics lampooned the idea that photovoltaic devices could ever serve as reliable energy production technologies down here on Earth. Today,
Neutrino masses and gravitational wave background
Abstract We consider the Standard Model with three right-handed neutrinos to generate tiny neutrino masses by the seesaw mechanism. Especially, we investigate the case when one right-handed neutrino has the suppressed Yukawa coupling constants. Such a particle has a long lifetime and can produce an additional entropy by the decay.
Neutrinovoltaic Technology: generating electricity with neutrinos
Neutrinos are born during the process of nuclear fusion in the sun and thus, the sun is the source of most of the neutrinos that are passing through the atmosphere at any moment. It is estimated that about 100 billion solarneutrinospass through our thumbnail every second. Neutrinos were first detected
Leading neutrino energy scientists are quite a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to finding a solution to keep fossil fuels in the ground and to save the climate by bringing a viable new source of green energy. Back in 2015, Holger Thorsten Schubart, the CEO of the
​Neutrinovoltaic Will Supply Infinite Energy in the Age of Homo Electricus
Human society is now entirely dependent upon electricity. While individual human beings might be able to survive a global loss of electrical power, our culture would evaporate immediately, leaving chaos in its wake. Currently, global society is on life support in the form of fossil fuels. Holger Thorsten Schubart and
Neutrinovoltaics Are Advancing the Science of Green Energy
By pioneering the world’s first neutrinovoltaic energy generators, the Neutrino Energy Group believes that it has taken the preliminary steps toward a world fueled by honest green energy. No longer will petty squabbles over limited forms of energy generation rule the planet, and human beings will be free to recapture
8 Facts About The Sun’s Most Ghostly Particle: The Neutrino
8 Facts About The Sun’s Most Ghostly Particle: The Neutrino The active Sun produces much more than our eyes perceive…
The Car Pi Will Change the Auto Industry More Than Tesla
While automobiles that use fossil fuels are inherently unsustainable, the lack of viable alternatives has led the world to turn its eyes away from this reality. The rise of electric car manufacturers like Tesla, however, has forced greater attention to events like the German diesel scandal of 2019, drawing consumer
Doped Nanographene is the Key to Unlocking Neutrinovoltaic Technologies
Recently, the Berlin-based Neutrino Energy Group discovered a new form of nanoengineering that delivers materials capable of transforming the motions of the universe’s most ethereal particles into usable electrical engineering. With doped graphene and an unquenchable spirit of discovery, the Neutrino Energy Group is on the cusp of evolving neutrinovoltaic
The Neutrino Energy Group Transcends The Theoretical To Transform Practical Energy Use Worldwide
The greatest scientific discoveries upwell from the depths of the collective unconscious to captivate the imaginations of an era’s most prominent visionaries. This phenomenon appeared in full force in 2015 when, on opposite sides of the world, Japanese researcher Takaaki Kajita and Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald simultaneously, yet independently, discovered
Neutrinovoltaic Energy and Electromagnetic Capacitors Set to Usher in a New Era of Truly Clean Energy
The Neutrino Energy Group continues to innovate new neutrino-based energy technologies that will take the pressure off of potentially problematic sustainable energy sources. At the same time, top energy scientists are proposing new methods for storing electricity in electromagnetic capacitors, which eliminate battery waste and last indefinitely. In the near
Naturalness Hits a Snag with Higgs
The discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 illuminated the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking, through which the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces emerge from a unified electroweak force. But if the Higgs discovery answered the question of how electroweak symmetry breaking occurs, it