Physicists Harness the Atomic Motion of Graphene to Generate Clean, Limitless Power
Researchers build circuit that harnessed the atomic motion of graphene to generate an electrical current that could lead to a chip to replace batteries. A team of University of Arkansas physicists has successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene’s thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current. “An
Understanding ghost particle interactions
Scientists often refer to the neutrino as the „ghost particle.“ Neutrinos were one of the most abundant particles at the origin of the universe and remain so today. Fusion reactions in the sun produce vast armies of them, which pour down on the Earth every day. Trillions pass through our
Neutrinos could reveal how fast radio bursts are launched
For over a decade, astronomers have puzzled over the origins of fast radio bursts, brief blasts of radio waves that come mostly from distant galaxies. During that same period, scientists have also detected high-energy neutrinos, ghostly particles from outside the Milky Way whose origins are also unknown. A new theory
Future machines to explore new frontiers in particle physics
Jim Siegrist from the Office of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy, charts how future machines will explore new frontiers in particle physics Particle physics is global. Addressing the full breadth of the field’s most urgent scientific questions requires expertise from around the world. The timeline for developing a
New Research Focuses on Using AI to Understand Neutrinos
Tufts has been chosen to participate in the recently established National Science Foundation Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Fundamental Interactions. The AI Institute is one of five announced by the NSF on August 26; the institutes are being established to secure the nation’s leadership in the field by accelerating research,
Ask Ethan: Do Neutrinos Always Travel At Nearly The Speed Of Light?
For decades, the neutrino was among the most puzzling and elusive of cosmic particles. It took more than two decades from when it was first predicted to when it was finally detected, and they came along with a bunch of surprises that make them unique among all the particles that
New Power Source: Neutrinovoltaic Energy
One of the most exciting things about technology is that it is always advancing, thanks to brilliant minds that are always curious and hungry for more. When a new milestone is achieved and a once-inconceivable idea takes shape—and even begins to hit the mainstream—it almost feels like things can’t evolve
Neutrino Energy Will Make It Easier to Work Remotely or Off the Grid
The Neutrino Energy Group remains confident that neutrinovoltaic devices will prove to be monumentally useful as more people work remotely and home energy use changes. According to a recent article in Axios, home energy use rates are skyrocketing as workers purchase more work-related appliances and conduct business activities away from
Neutrinovoltaic Technology: Solar Cells That Don’t Need Light
The Neutrino Energy Group cooperates with a worldwide team of scientists and various international research centers, which deal with application research, the conversion of invisible radiation spectra of the sun, among other things the neutrinos (high-energy particles, which ceaselessly reach the earth) into electric power. According to the Neutrino Energy
AMU faculty members author book on Neutrino Interactions
Aligarh: If you have the instinctive curiosity to understand how neutrinos, the tiny and nearly massless particles, born from violent astrophysical events like exploding stars are fantastically abundant in the universe, then you have to go through the book ; ‘The Physics of Neutrino Interactions (Cambridge University Press, July 2020)’
Electronics tuned in twisted bilayer graphene
The strength of the interactions between electrons in a structure called twisted bilayer graphene has been tuned by adjusting the immediate environment — a major advance for tunable electronic quantum matter.
How to Harvest Energy From Your Surroundings: Neutrino Energy
Life on Earth cannot continue without electrical energy, and a new form of renewable power that doesn’t need batteries is coming to the fore. In the near future, neutrinovoltaic devices will power every electrical appliance in the world, which Neutrino Energy Group founder Holger Thorsten Schubart believes will herald the
Sustainable Energy Technology in Space
As plans to explore the cosmos once again reach a fever pitch in the United Statesand abroad, the Neutrino Energy Group stands at the ready to supplement the power sources that contemporary astronauts will need to establish colonies on the Moon and travel to Mars. A recent press release details
Neutrinovoltaics Produce Energy Even When Photovoltaics Fail
The sun produces many different kinds of energy. Visible light only constitutes a tiny fraction of the radiation that the sun and other stars produce, and neutrinos are one of the types of invisible energies that emanate from our local star.
Physicists Just Found a Loophole in Graphene That Could Unlock Clean, Limitless Energy
By all measures, graphene should not exist. The fact it does comes down to some neat loophole in physics which sees with an impossible 2D sheet of atoms behave like a good 3D material. New research has delved into graphene’s rippling, discovering a physical happening on an atomic scale which
Neutrino Energy Group aims to power the future’s internet consumption
The recent COVID-19 panic has pushed the world’s data infrastructure beyond reasonable limits
Neutrino Energy Group Comes to the Fore Among Massive Energy Industry Layoffs
Due to the economic peril caused by COVID-19, renewable energy manufacturers recently went to Congress with a desperate plea for relief. Among other signs of economic downturn, these green energy leaders cited a recent decrease in electric car sales as one of the main reasons for their concern. These developments
How Neutrino Energy Will Prevent Future Inflation and Economic Collapse
Congress recently approved an enormous stimulus package to prevent economic collapse at both the small business and corporate level, and major American Airlines just confirmed that they will partake of this “free” federal funding. Since the United States government is more than $20 trillion in debt, the money for the
Focus: Catching Neutrinos on Radar
A neutrino moving through solid matter will sometimes create a shower of fast-moving charged particles called a cascade. As these particles slow down, they ionize atoms in the solid, leaving behind a tell-tale cloud of electrical charge.
Leading neutrino energy scientists are quite a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to finding a solution to keep fossil fuels in the ground and to save the climate by bringing a viable new source of green energy. Back in 2015, Holger Thorsten Schubart, the CEO of the
Forbes: Have Scientists Cracked One Of The Biggest Mysteries Of Modern Physics?
The answer to that question is an interesting one, which depends on how one understands the statistical analysis of complex experiments. The experimental result could be the early signs of something big, but it is also important to be appropriately cautious. So, what really happened? It starts with an announcement by a consortium
GRAPHENEA: Photonic applications of graphene
Graphene can be used to enhance photonics, as a detector for light, an optoelectronic transceiver, or as part of high-resolution imaging systems. A surprising application of graphene is its use in photodetectors. Light detection capabilities of graphene are inherently limited because a single sheet of the material absorbs only ~2.3%
Fermilab Neutrino Beams Will Pave the Way to Neutrinovoltaic Energy
At the Fermilab DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) project, the U.S. Department of Energy plans to collaborate with top energy scientists from around the world to send the world’s most powerful neutrino beam to a sister station at SURF (Sanford Underground Research Facility) around 1,000 miles away through the Earth. This experiment
Expanding the limits of human consciousness with the Neutrino Energy Group
To a person living a thousand years ago, our current level of technological sophistication would have undoubtedly seemed just like magic. We’ve granted ourselves these powers with the help of new energy sources that have driven developments in engineering and provided dependable substitutes to the alchemical infusions and occult incantations
Neutrino energy will help us with the future’s social challenges
Every generation has felt that culture changed the most during its tenure, but it’s possible that during this era, the feeling of vertigo caused by sweeping, systemic change may truly be more intense than ever before. Never before have so many time-honored institutions been questioned at once, and the very
The Ecological Ramifications of Neutrino Energy
These days, there’s a major international push to stop the environmental abuse caused by fossil fuels. Amid all the climate change hysteria, it’s easy to miss the bigger ecological disaster that petrochemicals have caused: plastic and toxin accumulation. The production of petrochemicals releases carcinogens and genetic modifiers into the food
Neutrino Energy Will Make Futuristic Technologies Possible
Even now, technologies that would have seemed like science fiction a few decades ago are plentiful. From the smartphone to the electric car, humanity has unmistakably entered into a new age of technological science. Without the proper energy technologies, however, humanity will be doomed to tread water here on Earth
Neutrino energy will fuel the coming consciousness Renaissance
It’s clear that a sea change in human society and culture is rapidly coming. From automation to artificial intelligence, things are changing so quickly that it’s unclear whether the human psyche will be able to keep up. To embrace the healing power of our new technologies, we must divest ourselves
Neutrino Energy Group: The Magic of Modern-Day Neutrinovoltaics
Human beings have always sought new frontiers, and each era of human expansion has brought with it the adoption of updated energy technologies. Operating the means of energy production has accordingly become more complex to the extent that people of the past would have no idea how to operate coal-burning
Neutrinovoltaics will change devices forever
Our electronic devices are evolving rapidly. Ten years ago, the smartphone was a cutting-edge innovation, but these days, modern smartphones have already so completely outstripped their predecessors that the original iPhone looks like a veritable dinosaur compared to the new iPhone 11. In the coming years, device technology will take